In Games Workshop's Warhammer Fantasy universe, the Wood Elves are a variety of Elves who live in an enchanted forest in eastern Bretonnia, referred to as. Let me summarise my highs and lows as a Wood Elf general in one phrase: I'm A big round of applause, please, for Total War: Warhammer's. The Wood Elves are a race and faction introduced in Total War: Warhammer via a DLC pack. The Wood Elves faction is playable in campaign, multiplayer and  Campaigns‎: ‎The Old World‎; ‎The Season of Re.


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Wood elf warhammer High Elves back on Ulthuan and the Dwarf kingdoms had a serious falling out and engaged in a war that was called the War of the Beard or the War of wood elf warhammer Grudge. What it boiled down to was a big series of running battles and sieges that last for decades and the poor colonists were the losers, their lands being the battlegrounds and their people used as the main forces.

Wood Elves (Warhammer Fantasy) - 1d4chan

To add insult to injury, when the dwarfs claimed a win after slaying the phoenix king, the High Elves were attacked in the rear lol by the renewed Dark Elves who were responsible for the wood elf warhammer war in the first place the pricks and decided they must abandon the colonies to protect their island home.

Of course jaded and felt taken advantage of, the wood elf warhammer colonists said fuck this and ventured deeper inland, to make their own home. Driven to desperation, the elves ventured into the forest of Athel Lorenwhich to this point they had avoided since it did mysterious shit and they were rightly afraid.

This time though the forest didn't seem to mind them coming in and when they reach the big old tree known wood elf warhammer the Oak of Ages, some of the elf mages went all witchy and claimed they could now hear the voice of the forest and it in turn could hear them.

Overtime the forest come to see the newly named wood elves as a beneficial force, to protect itself like a bunch of white blood cells during the winter months when it was dormant.

In turn the Wood Elves gained a new home, new allies, and funky new powers, so it wood elf warhammer seen as a good alliance all told. When a big orc invasion attacked the forest, the elves tried to fight back but found they lacked the strength.

Wood Elves

It was now though the elf gods showed their hands; on the dawn of the last battle, as the elves drew wood elf warhammer to defend the oak of ages against the orc host, spring returned and a massive power swelled from within the forest.

The Elf Gods Kurnous and Isha had chosen mortals to be their agents, their demi-god champions, and they smote the orcs to pieces. Since then Orion, avatar of Kurnous, and Ariel, avatar of Isha, have been the King and Queen wood elf warhammer the Wood, and the Wood Elves have protected the borders of the forest ever since.

The End Times[ edit ] Of course, nothing lasts forever, although GW's previous policy of keeping the canon on what seemed like eternal lockdown seemed to challenge that and the Wood Elves we knew and loved have gone through some significant changes what with the End Times reboot of Fantasy. While the world was falling into hell around them, the Wood Elves were content to shrug and say, none of our business, even when three of their neighbours were getting overrun by giant rats even when sane people would start to be feeling more then a bit worried about this.

A special event unique to the Wood Elves faction and Orion.

Total War: Warhammer's Wood Elves like to shoot and run

Wood elf warhammer edit edit source ] Tall, slender humanoids who live within the ancient forest of Athel Loren, the Wood Elves are a mysterious race who rarely emerge unless coming to its defence. As the note faded, the mighty form of Kurnousgod of the hunt, crashed through the woods.

A pack of shadowy hounds was baying at his heels, and all the Elves who looked upon him were filled with fresh vigour. The horn was winded a second time, and the Greenskins met their doom. Kurnous smashed into the Orcs, slaying all before him wood elf warhammer an orgy of destruction.

Wood Elves (Warhammer) - Wikipedia

Newly awakened Dryads swarmed in his wake, eager to bestow their cruel mercies. By the time the sun set, not a single Orc remained alive.


Here they discovered the enthroned figures of Ariel and Orion, now become avatars of Ishathe mother goddess, and Kurnous, the hunter. Another great council was swiftly called, and there, all the lords and ladies of the forest knelt in worship to Wood elf warhammer and Orion, now and forever the Queen and King in the Woods.

Determined to discover the truth, the Mage Queen took council with the Elders of the forest, and sent her canniest scouts to scour distant realms. Wood elf warhammer by little, Ariel was able to glean the nature of the creature she sought.

No Wood Elf had yet seen the beast and lived to speak of the encounter, but the works it left behind were testament to its unspeakable ways.

Total War: Warhammer’s Wood Elves like to shoot and run | Rock Paper Shotgun

Where the creature walked, the fabric of the world twisted in hateful transformation: Where it passed, sanity became drooling madness, and measured nobility became wanton abandon.

By these works did Ariel wood elf warhammer put a name to the foe: Cyanathair, she called it the Corruptor, incarnation of disorder and chaos.


To his own vile kin he was known as Morghur, Master of Skulls. The existence of this being was of great offence to Ariel, for its ruination of the Weave represented everything that she opposed. Wood elf warhammer to learn how to combat this new foe, Ariel took a great risk.