Le Corps a ses raisons. Auto-guérison et anti-gymnastique (Vie Pratique) (French Edition). Nov 25, by Therese Bertherat. “A compelling, often personal, account of the ways in which movement affects well-being and can literally transform lives.” – Deborah Hutton, Vogue. Find out more about The Body Has Its Reasons by Therese Bertherat, Carol Bernstein at Simon & Schuster. Read book reviews & excerpts, watch author videos.


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Employing traditional exercises to alleviate the symptoms of a round stomach, a bad back, and muscles that ache after sports, we often force the body to act against itself and perpetuate our discomfort.

A physical therapist and teacher of movement in Europe, Bertherat takes the reader through a series of precise, gentle, organic movements.

By using the appropriate energy for each gesture, they bring therese bertherat from a multitude therese bertherat ills, at the same time awakening the senses and sharpening perceptions.

But more importantly, she worked with her patients, therese bertherat refining her Antigymnastique method and making it available worldwide by training practitioners.

What does a harmonious body look like? When a person is viewed from the front, standing with the feet together, the toes should be straight and the big toes should touch their therese bertherat length, the inner edge of the heels should touch and the anklebones should touch.


The upper calves should touch, the knees should touch, and the upper thighs should touch. A space should be visible between the ankles and the calves, the therese bertherat and the knees, and the knees and the upper thighs.

The hips should be at the same level, the shoulders should be therese bertherat the same level, the clavicles should be horizontal, the head should be straight, and the facial features should be symmetrical.

The arms placed along the body should show no curvature at the elbows and the therese bertherat fingers should align with the mid-line of the thighs therese bertherat of pants. The space between the arms and the body should be identical on both sides.

When a person is viewed from the back, the back should be flat and show no relief, therese bertherat is, the shoulder blades should not stick out. Therese bertherat a person is viewed from the side, the most prominent point on the front of the body should be the nipples.

Therese Bertherat | Official Publisher Page | Simon & Schuster

The regular practice of anti-gymnastique restores muscle elasticity and proper functioning, resulting in regained therese bertherat and balance, improved breathing and general well-being, youthful posture, and therese bertherat elimination of muscular tensions and pain that prevent us from moving gracefully and effortlessly.

Although not designed to be curative of specific diseases, anti-gymnastique often results in the alleviation of the symptoms of certain medical conditions, particularly when muscle tension plays a major role. Teens, adults, and seniors can practice anti-gymnastique.