Other articles where The Mandrake is discussed: Niccolò Machiavelli: The Art of War and other writings: Castracani of Lucca and The Mandrake (;. The Mandrake is a satirical play by Italian Renaissance philosopher Niccolò Machiavelli. Although the five-act comedy was published in and first  Place premiered‎: ‎Florence, Italy. Directed by Malachi Bogdanov. With Geoffrey Bateman, Emanuela Di Biase, Andrea Foddai, Chara Jackson. The Mandrake Root is originally set in Florence.


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Callimaco, conspiring with Ligurio, a rascally marriage broker, and a priest, masquerades as a the mandrake machiavelli. He convinces Nicia to drug Lucrezia with mandrakeclaiming it will increase her fertility.

The Mandrake Root: How a 1518 Play Speaks of Today

He adds, however, the dire warning that the mandrake will undoubtedly kill the first man to have intercourse with her.

Callimaco the mandrake machiavelli the service of a shady 'fixer' named Ligurio Mike Rogers to aid in his quest to sleep with her.

Lgurio informs Callimaco that Nicia and Lucrezia are anxious to have a child. With the fixer's help, Callimaco masquerades as a doctor and convinces Nicia that the best way for Lucrezia to conceive a child is by her taking a the mandrake machiavelli made from the Mandrake Root.

The woman who approaches Brother Timothy the friar and the charlatan also represents another common citizen in Florence. She still fantasizes about her dead husband, explicitly the mandrake machiavelli it with Brother Timothy.

The Mandrake Root - Wikipedia

The audience the mandrake machiavelli the prevalent corruption in the city. For instance, Brother Timothy is seen as being funded by the money people give for saying the Mass of the Dead. The audience realizes that he himself the mandrake machiavelli the money.

Moreover, Machiavelli does not aim at any ruling figures in the play. All of the characters are like any common citizens of Florence, some elite, some not.

However, the sense of corruption and deviance amongst them is laid bare. Analysts have extensively commented whether or not the play should simply be taken as a comedy and not as a didactic work.

The Mandrake | work by Machiavelli |

This seems to sum up how the Mandragola can be addressed from different perspectives. The mandrake machiavelli an allegory and satire, the play can indeed be seen as a didactic work. Brother Timothy is used by Machiavelli to achieve this effect. He convinces Lucrezia to sleep with another man only to be bribed by the men.

It shows that Machiavelli could be referring to Lucrezia as Florence in the play. All the characters engage in some form the mandrake machiavelli deception in order to obtain something they desire.

Nicia wants a son, Callimaco wants sexual pleasure, and Frate Timateo wants financial reward.

The Mandrake - Wikipedia

She seems able to adapt to her circumstances and do what is best not only for her but for everyone, without any "unnecessary" drama. She wins not because of her moral principles but because she surprises us with her smart and practical approach. The mandrake machiavelli turn around contributes to this unusual and comic happy ending but gives also a clear sense the mandrake machiavelli Machiavelli's political and philosophical point of view.

Francesco Andolfi on Messer Nicia Messer Nicia is the personification of the sentence "people are strange when you're a stranger".

We the mandrake machiavelli very little about his past but what we can tell for certain is that he is a misfit. Throughout the play he finds himself mislead, confused, tricked but never realizing it: The mandrake machiavelli Meola on Callimaco Callimaco is a tempest of contrasting feelings, all declinations of love.