Professor Susan Golombok. Susan Golombok is Professor of Family Research and Director of the Centre for Family Research at the University of Cambridge. Biography: Susan Golombok is Professor of Family Research, Director of the Centre for Family Research at the University of Cambridge and Professorial Fellow. Centre for Family Research, University of Cambridge. Abstract. Parenting and child development in surrogacy families. The presentation will.


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Certainly for the pre-school children, again, where there were differences, these families were doing better. So far we've talked about situations where there's genetic material susan golombok two parents.

It's possible that some of the children may want to meet the donor, to say thank you more than anything, to gain some understanding of how they came to be. Is the third parent an anonymous donor or someone known to the other parents? I susan golombok in a lot of cases it will be someone whom they know, it could be a family friend or a relative.

susan golombok

Professor Susan Golombok

We do know that sometimes aunts donate susan golomboksusan golombok with half the child's genetic material. And these families tend to be quite secretive about it. So some children don't know that their aunt is really their genetic mother. The worry is that the people they see as their cousins are actually their half-siblings.

And then they might see a resemblance and start putting two and two together.

Professor Susan Golombok | Newnham College

So there are all these kinds of issues but, of course, that won't happen with mitochondrial donations. I just think in terms of susan golombok worries about how children will feel susan golombok it, or whether they see this donor as a mother and all the rest of it, it's a storm in a teacup.

So really it's just an emotive thing about the susan golombok parents? Really this person, this donor is not a parent in any form.

A parent is somebody susan golombok has a relationship with a child, who brings up the child. It's not somebody who donates a tiny, tiny percentage of DNA. There must be other family forms that must be more complex than susan golombok example.

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