Tafheem-Ul-Quran in URDU By Syed Maududi. Quran Urdu Translation. Recitation Tafheem-ul-Quran (PDF) · Tafseer Ibn-e-Kaseer; Quran Urdu Translation. Free Download MP3 Quran in Urdu Language only, mp3 quran in urdu, Listen and read Quran in Urdu online, Quran Urdu Text Available to read. Stream Quran In Only Urdu - PARAH Audio Recitation In Urdu - Quran Tilawat- by Ali Nayeem from desktop or your mobile device.


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Quran in Only Urdu - PARAH: - Audio Recitation in Urdu - Quran Tilawat

Quran is the best book with quran only in urdu to others all types of book in all over the world. Allah says,"Baske hum ne otahra hai ye Quran or hum hi is ke mohafize hai" surah 15,ayat9 ". This introduces an additional element of uncertainty which cannot be eliminated by quran only in urdu linguistic rules of translation.

History[ edit ] The first translation of the Qur'an was performed by Salman the Persianwho translated Surah al-Fatihah into the Persian language during the early 7th century. However, during Muhammad's lifetime, no passage from the Qur'an was ever translated into these languages nor any other.

However, we know nothing about who and for what purpose had made this translation.

Quran in Only Urdu - PARAH_ - Audio Recitation in Urdu - Quran Tilawat - Video Dailymotion

It is however very probable that it quran only in urdu a complete translation. Later in the 11th century, one of the students of Abu Mansur Abdullah al-Ansari wrote a complete tafsir of the Quran in Persian. The manuscripts of all three books have survived and have been published several times.

Intranslations in languages were known.


According to modern scholars[ citation needed quran only in urdu, the translation tended to "exaggerate harmless text to give it a nasty or licentious sting" and preferred improbable and unpleasant meanings over likely and decent ones. Ketenensis' work was republished in in three editions by Theodore Bibliander at Basel along with Cluni corpus and other Christian propaganda.

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All editions contained a preface by Martin Luther. Many later European "translations" of the Qur'an merely translated Ketenensis' Latin version into their own language, as opposed to translating the Qur'an directly from Arabic. As a result, early European translations of the Qur'an were erroneous and distorted.

In the fifteenth century, Quran only in urdu of Segovia produced another translation in collaboration with the Mudejar writer, Isa of Segovia. Only the prologue survives.

Quran in Only Urdu - PARAH: 01-02 - Audio Recitation in Urdu - Quran Tilawat

In the early seventeenth century, another translated was made, attributed to Cyril Lucaris. Despite the refutatio's anti-Islamic tendency Marracci's translation is accurate and suitably commented; besides, by quoting many Islamic sources he certainly broadens his time's horizon considerably.

These later translations were quite inauthentic, and one even claimed to be published in Mecca in AH. There were lost translations in Catalanone of them by Francesc Pons Saclota inthe other quran only in urdu in Perpignan in The Italian translation was used to derive the first German translation Salomon Schweigger in in Nurembergwhich in turn was used to derive the first Dutch translation in The Du Ryer translation also fathered many re-translations, most notably an English version by Alexander Ross in Ross' version was used to derive several others: This was followed two centuries later in Paris by quran only in urdu translation by Kasimirski who was an interpreter for the French Persian legation.