The year brought us new complete editions from Oxford University Press and W. W. Norton, the two great rivals in the lucrative student. The Oxford Shakespeare: The Complete Works (Second Edition). Stanley Wells, Gary Taylor, John Jowett, and William Montgomery (eds) Publisher: Oxford. The Oxford Shakespeare. The Complete Works. Second Edition. Edited by Stanley Wells, Gary Taylor, John Jowett, and William Montgomery. Publication Date.


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I drew up a set of Editorial Procedures which was, I believe, the most thorough such document offered as a working tool, and emphasized my hope that the edition, while maintaining the highest and avoiding the worst oxford complete shakespeare of Oxford scholarship, would be accessible and inviting to the reader.

I was influenced in this - and in oxford complete shakespeare else - by my experience as Associate Editor of the New Penguin Shakespeare, which consciously tried to appeal to a general readership.

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I hoped that scholarship could be made interesting, even exciting, that introductions and notes could convey and stimulate enthusiasm, and above all that the texts would be presented as works that achieve full realization only in the theatre.

I wanted to avoid the cryptic and the arcane, and to that end I put an embargo on notes such as: I have found it relatively easy to persuade editors to adopt the editorial conventions that I favour, but where more substantive scholarly decisions oxford complete shakespeare required I have held back from imposing oxford complete shakespeare own views, and have at times found myself having to accept readings which I don't agree with.

I have, however, along with Oxford's excellent copy-editing team, done my best to exercise rigorous control over scholarly standards while reading drafts, final scripts, and proofs, and it has been gratifying to find that reviewers in the scholarly journals find little to complain of on this account.

We are making a push to bring the series to completion within oxford complete shakespeare near future.

The Complete Oxford Shakespeare

Michael Neill, whose fascinating book Issues of Death: Mortality and Identity in English Renaissance Tragedy Oxfordand in paperback has been greeted with great critical acclaim, has edited Othello, due to appear shortly. Publication of the Oxford Shakespeare in Oxford World's Classics makes these editions readily available to sixth-formers and undergraduates today.

I oxford complete shakespeare they find the series as valuable as I did when I was their age. Stanley Wells, February Dr. The central figure of oxford complete shakespeare title is an enigma around which the real action revolves - the motive force for chaos and tragedy more by other people's responses to him than by his direct actions.

The Oxford Shakespeare: The Complete Works by William Shakespeare

And that's what we have here. Shakespeare writing a play after the fashion of the Latin dramatists he was familiar with from school, who in turn were following the fashion and subject matter of oxford complete shakespeare Greek plays of antiquity.


Now, having learned this and also having come into contact with some of that ancient drama, I re-read Julius Caesar and find that it does in fact make sense, structurally if looked at oxford complete shakespeare way.

There is no central character except Caesar, despite him being conspicuous by his absence.


There have been attempts to re-cast and re-name it as the Tragedy of Brutus but these are distortions or adaptations. The fact is that Cassius, Antony and Brutus are all compared and contrasted oxford complete shakespeare each other and with Caesar and this is a necessary thing for understanding the character of each.

Cassius's worldly motivations and ready perception of character are the opposite of Brutus's lofty ideals and inability to recognise that he is being oxford complete shakespeare. Antony is motivated as much by oxford complete shakespeare to power as by revenge; Cassius is aware of this.

Brutus is a fool politically but is the superior general it turns out; they ould have won if Cassius had been more careful on the battlefield and Caesar - he's a greater figure than all of them put together, though he's just oxford complete shakespeare man, with human frailties as Cassius points out, remembering how he saved Caesar from drowning in the Tiber.

The Oxford Shakespeare: The Complete Works

Greater - but for reasons not clear, not ever expressed - and the eye of the storm. It's a fascinating mess and everybody ends up dead except Antony who oxford complete shakespeare off with the power and all the best lines in the play, back in that crucial "Friends, Romans, countrymen The bit I liked even when I didn't have a clue about oxford complete shakespeare rest - still the best part, even with the rest suddenly making sense.

Troilus and Cressida The Oxford Companion to Shakespeare mentions that early 19th Century critics were "baffled" by this play.


I have some sympathy with them; I don't really know what Bill was trying to do with this one.