In Vlaanderen – Het Vlaamse onderwijslandschap in een notendop, Brussel: leren ondernemen — Pleidooi voor meer ondernemerschap in het onderwijs. noom als toegepast), het opbouwen van netwerken, ondernemerschap, nieuwe In een notedop betreft het idee een collegecyclus waar om de paar. LEI Sector en Ondernemerschap PPO/PRI AGRO Duurzame Bedrijfssystemen WIAS. Publication type, Research report. Publication year, Keyword(s).


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Wie wil meedoen, is van harte welkom. If you had have known, you would have promptly invested in the car industry and sold your interests in the carriage industry.

In that case you would have ondernemerschap in een notendop invested your money in cash dispenser manufacturers and managers. If so, then at an early stage you would have invested in the Microsofts of this world, and you would have disposed of your interests in the typewriter industry.

If you had have known, you would have promptly invested in the Googles of this world. If so, you would have sold your investments in video chains for an interest in the iStores of this world.

We will then send messages by simply ondernemerschap in een notendop of them.

Current Trends in Higher Education in Europe - Google Книги

Every one of the twelve megatrends described in this book has an impact on our society and economy. The world of property development and area preface 29 development is no exception to this. The economic crisis of the past years has meant that the impact of those trends has gained momentum — after all, old forms disappear and new concepts are more inclined to be picked up.

Whereas the development of an area was often a question of simply selling pieces of land at prices that were as competitive as possible, plots that, in ondernemerschap in een notendop case of business parks, were then randomly fully developed with old style offices and industrial buildings, it is now time for a totally different, more organic approach, grafted onto future trends.

Bordering the airport site, OMALA is developing a high-value business and leisure park, with a prominent place for the trends that will characterise our world in the year All manner of innovative companies will be able to find the ideal spot here to give shape to their future.

OMALA wants to create an environment that puts people in touch with one another, an environment that stimulates people, and that is more or less the opposite to a classic property approach. What we have in mind for the area development of Airport Garden City is enduring long-term value creation, and that is something very different to the present-day focus on short-term land yields.

In addition to that, the entrepreneurs and partners of which we dream, who think out of the box and devote themselves to ondernemerschap in een notendop developments, will often not have the opportunity to spread their wings elsewhere, simply because of the lack of space or highly limiting land-use plans.


That is not the case in Airport Garden City. The free spirit that has characterised the Flevopolder since it came into existence will also set the pace for ondernemerschap in een notendop next 20 years in the development of Airport Garden City.

OMALA, therefore, tries to actively link companies and investors to other companies, companies with plans in mind that interface with and reinforce one another.

Jong Ondernemerschap

One plus one is then very soon three! Moreover, OMALA is not only looking at Dutch companies, but also ondernemerschap in een notendop companies based abroad, particularly those from emerging markets.

After all, in future years it will be in those markets where the greatest added value is generated. The position of Airport Garden City, directly next to an airport, offers, of course, a huge logistical advantage.

Sweet, and that is just how it is. With Airport Garden City, Flevoland has a huge amount to offer entrepreneurs.


From a spatial point of view, the past does not impose any restrictions ondernemerschap in een notendop this, and in the free spirit created here by OMALA together with authorities, pioneering can still take place in abundance on the free space.

Flevoland ondernemerschap in een notendop always, quite literally, been an experimental plot, new land, the entire area of which was intended for entrepreneurial and competent pioneers from the agricultural sector.

Agriculture will continue to play a role in Airport Garden City, because one of the trends that we foster here is the growing attention for local raw materials and food provision.

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Local products from, for example, the arable farming sector and forestry, are promoted in Airport Garden City. At Airport Garden City, existing and new companies are encouraged ondernemerschap in een notendop implement their innovations, to experiment with revolutionary ideas and ondernemerschap in een notendop to enter into new joint ventures.

Because unexpected combinations, co-creation and co-makership are things of the future — that is one of the And now, as we are talking about architects anyway: As you will undoubtedly have noticed, the division between living, working and recreating is slowly but surely disappearing. Increasing numbers of people occasionally work from home, and we are more likely to expect our work environment to look like a home environment, with a high fun factor.

The ideal for both us and our development partners, is that the people who later on work at Airport Garden City will feel as though they are working in the middle of a garden or a park.