The NFPA 96 is the current code providing clarification on requirements for certifying technicians to ensure that equipment is maintained by qualified. Buy NFPA VENTILATION CONTROL AND FIRE PROTECTION OF COMMERCIAL COOKING OPERATIONS from SAI Global. Keep pace with the best strategies for reducing fire risks in public and private commercial kitchens.


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NFPA Standard for Ventilation Control and Fire Protection of Commercial Cooking Operations

Semiannually Systems serving low-volume cooking operations, such as churches, day nfpa 96 2011, seasonal Annually Indicates a mandatory requirement. Any solid, organic, consumable fuel nfpa 96 2011 as briquettes, mesquite, hardwood, or charcoal.

Where public safety is primary, the authority having jurisdiction may be a federal, state, local, or other regional department or individual such as a fire chief; fire marshal; chief of a fire prevention bureau, labor department, or health department; building official; electrical inspector; or others having statutory authority.

For insurance purposes, an insurance inspection department, rating bureau, or other insurance company representative may be the authority having jurisdiction.

Equipment, materials, or services included in a list published by an organization that is acceptable nfpa 96 2011 the author- ity having jurisdiction and concerned with evaluation of products or nfpa 96 2011, that maintains periodic inspection of production of listed equipment or materials or periodic evaluation of services, and whose listing states that either the equipment, material, or service meets appropriate designated standards or has been tested and found suitable for a specified purpose.

Indicates a mandatory requirement. Indicates 21 recommendation or that which is advised but not required.

NFPA 96 Edition ISBN

Nonrnandatory provisions shall be located in an appendix or annex, footnote, or fine-print note and are not to be considered a part ofthe requirements of a standard.

Aclosure device used to cover an opening into a duct, nfpa 96 2011 enclosure, equipment, or appurtenance. Equipment and nfpa 96 2011 used for the purpose of Cleaning air passing through them or by them in such a manner as to reduce or remove the impuri- ties contained therein.


The opening or Openings in al Cooking device where vapors, combustion gases, or both leave the cooking device. An occupancy 1 used for a gath- ering of 50 or more persons for deliberation, worship, entertain- ment, eating, drinking, amusement, awaiting transportation, or similar uses; or 2 used as a special amusement building, regard- less nfpa 96 2011 occupant load.

Performing 21 function without the necessity of human intervention. An nfpa 96 2011 placed in or near an appliance to change the direction, or to retard the flow, of air, air-fuel mix- tures, Or flue gases.

NFPA 96 Edition - Done Right Hood Cleaning

An appliance used in the prepara- tion of food whereby foods are exposed to intense radiant heat, and perhaps to convective heat, with the food or the nfpa 96 2011 and the radiant source not limited to a horizontal mode. A formally stated recognition nfpa 96 2011 approval of an acceptable level of competency, acceptable to the AHI.

Products or materials of a specific group cat- egory that are constructed, inspected, tested, and subsequently reinspected in accordance with an established set of require- ments.

The classification process is performed by an organization acceptable to the authority having jurisdiction. For kitchen exhaust systems and cooking equipment, the act of removing grease, oil deposits, and other residue.

Capable of being recognized by a person of normal vision without causing uncertainty nfpa 96 2011 inde- cisiveness about the location or operating nfpa 96 2011 of the iden- item.


Combustible building construction, including walls, structural framing, roofs, roof ceilings, floors, and floor-ceiling assemblies, Con- tinuously enclosing a grease duct on four sides Where one or more sides are protected.

A metal-joining method nfpa 96 2011 pro- duces a product without visible interruption or variation in quality. Electrical, pneumatic, thermal, me- chanical, or optical sensing instruments, or subcomponents of such instruments, whose purpose is to Cause an automatic ac- tion upon the occurrence of some preselected event.

nfpa 96 2011

Depression or cuplike places in horizontal duct runs in which liquids could accumulate. The final nfpa 96 2011 intended end-portion of a duct system that nfpa 96 2011 designed and functions to fuliill the obligations of the system in a satisfactory manner. At Facilitec Southwest, we take all the necessary steps to comply with these codes on your behalf.

Along the way, we act as your consultant to make the process as smooth as possible.