8/31/ NCAA-NFHS MAJOR BASKETBALL RULES DIFFERENCES Click here for the original NFHS Basketball Signal Chart. 9/29/ OFFICIAL NFHS BASKETBALL SIGNALS. Start clock 1. Stop clock 2. Directional signal 6. Starting and stopping clock. Information. Stop clock jump ball. OFFICIAL NFHS BASKETBALL SIGNALS. Tipping ball. No score. Bonus free throw. Goal Counts. Points scored. 3-Point attempt score. 3-Point.


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Official NFHS Basketball Signals

Every whistle needs an upraised arm, with either an open hand for nfhs basketball signals violation or stoppage of play or a fist for a foul. This is, technically, what stops the clock.

Be correct, accurate, and noticed when doing a ten-second backcourt or closely guarded count. Full timeout signal is with spread arms and open hands, not closed fists.

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See the chart in the back of the book. Bring the arm down like the chart shows.


Nfhs basketball signals point to the spot of the violation. Only needed when it would be unclear to the table whether it was a two- or three.

Pet Peeves: Top Ten Unapproved Signaling Habits

Inbounding and covering side of mouth like coughing when blowing whistle No need to shield your whistle. If you think it might damage the ears of the player next to you, just step forward and maybe blow it just a little less loudly. Otherwise it shows that one of the officials nfhs basketball signals ballwatching outside his PCA.

The official works effectively with other members of the crew through voice and signals during live and dead ball situations, with special attention given to end of period situations.

The crew comes together and discusses situations when appropriate, working together to get all plays called correctly. The official effectively communicates nfhs basketball signals all participants coaches, players, substitutes, bench personnel when appropriate.


This includes coach-official communication being done through the head coach and demonstrating a friendly, but firm, approach with all other game participants. Did officials know the nfhs basketball signals of management with a coach and the coaching box?

Official NFHS Basketball Signals by Pitt State Intramurals on Prezi

The official demonstrates proper understanding of the NFHS playing rules by consistently applying the rules and subsequent penalties when applicable. Use of Common Sense: The official demonstrates a use of common sense when applying the rules correctly and consistently.

The nfhs basketball signals understands the importance of player safety and manages the game accordingly.


The official understands the difference between fouls that have a significant impact on the play versus contact that has no bearing on the play.

The official maintains professional control during the contest, while not being overly aggressive or overbearing. Did officials take care of game, partners, and themselves? The official has consistent concentration on the crucial elements throughout the nfhs basketball signals game.

This nfhs basketball signals giving attention to developing plays and situations.

Youth Basketball Referee Signals | AVCSS Basketball

The official nfhs basketball signals an awareness of all that is going on within a game and maintains positive body language during the contest, showing confidence and poise when the pressure of the game situation increases. The official displays movement with a nfhs basketball signals during a play to get into proper position to cover plays.

The distance to be covered by the official will often dictate the speed or method the official uses to get into position i.

Was official a great "dead ball" official? Did official nfhs basketball signals eyes on the court and officiate the dead ball interval?

The official displays a conscientious and earnest nfhs basketball signals to carry out on-court duties. It is taken for granted that during certain times in the game timeouts, between periods, etc.

The uniform itself is clean and pressed, with shoes being polished.