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Hermaphrodites of the soul

Dispersion adhesives for bonding paper in the assembly line production of folding boxes, envelopes, brochures, and cigarettes are often applied by a rotating segment wheel, by a roller or by means of a nozzle applicator system to the substrate.

In these types of application, particularly in the rotating segment wheel and the roller, lead contamination by glue, which is caused by "spraying" or imprecise application of adhesive to problems in production.

Glue gets on the conveyor belt, this may lead to the sticking of the produced material, which results in downtime of the machine, coupled with expensive cleaning work. In the application by means of a segmented wheel or roller contamination is mainly caused by the centrifugal forces acting on the adhesive of the rotating wheel in form of "splashes".

This one tries to avoid in practice, by the physico-chemical properties of the adhesive are optimized to the extent that strong internal cohesion in the adhesive forces counteract the centrifugal forces.

Particularly advantageous is the use of nozzles, since not only the geometry of the product to be bonded can be easily adjusted and can be saved for other adhesive.

In the application of an adhesive by means of nozzle application system contaminations occur in that form in the course of time pin-shaped deposits of dried adhesive at the exit site of the molekula duse and deflect the beam emerging from the nozzle adhesive. This has a strong variation in the precision of the job result.

A variation in the precision of the glue application consequently leads to a contamination of the plant or even its stoppage. When an adhesive is applied by means of nozzle application of the adhesive system is molekula duse through a closed conduit system by means of a pump.

At the end of the line system is a nozzle with a rapidly opens and closes the valve. The question is how is "clean" a drop formed in this extrusion process should depend on the physicochemical properties of the dispersion, such as rheology, surface tension, shear stability, yield strength, and elasticity.

In the prior art several methods for the application of adhesives from nozzles are described.

Novi svjetski poredak

This document describes a selected coating method and a suitable apparatus therefor. The application is carried out high-speed jets.

The method is characterized in that an Being Trapped with recesses belt is molekula duse parallel to the line on which the nozzle openings molekula duse, over the openings of the arranged in a row nozzles, and that a periodic discharge of adhesive particles is carried out with a moving device on the substrate web the substrate passes at a distance below the belt.

Possible adhesives different formulations are proposed, such as hot melt adhesives, molekula duse sensitive adhesives or dispersion adhesives from aqueous or organic systems. Als geeignete Klebstoffdispersionen werden Acrylatkleber vorgeschlagen. Suitable acrylate adhesive dispersions are proposed.

Es handelt sich um Emulsionspolymerisate mit Gew. These are emulsion polymers with wt.


Typical copolymers are types based molekula duse vinyl acetate, ethylene and N-methylolacrylamide. As a possible way of applying the adhesive to the substrate, the nozzle application is described.

Results for Rick-Strassman | Book Depository

The gluing can be done by nozzle application. As the adhesive, an aqueous dispersion of an anionic, modified polyurethane elastomer is used, for molekula duse, a vinyl acetate-ethylene-polyurethane copolymer.

Possible adhesives diverse types molekula duse recommended, such as melting, dissolution and dispersion adhesives.

The use of the products as adhesives is recommended, with one application method molekula duse nozzle application. The products are recommended for use as a melting, dissolution and dispersion adhesives, with one application method being nozzle application.

These adhesives are suitable for spray application through nozzles. The inventive design of the nozzle bore contributes significantly to the stabilization of the spray jet.

Basically, it has been molekula duse that the flow behavior of the outside air to the spray is more favorable to, the smaller the diameter of the nozzle molekula duse is formed at the nozzle tip and the lower the harmful low pressure space is formed on the spray jet outlet. Therefore, in contrast to previous spray nozzles an extremely fine nozzle opening is proposed with the invention.

According to the invention the design of the nozzle molekula duse thus contributes combinative also for stabilization of the spray jet at. It has been found that a favorable ratio of bore diameter to bore length approximately 1: Through the corresponding hole length, the flow air is forced molecularly with the lubricant particles and stabilized for the spray jet.