Am interested in the Borgia regime so purchased book even though indicated some nudity. As it turned out it was more of a porn comic book than what it should. La Borgia - 01 - Blood for the - Free download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online for free. Comic Milo Manara - Erotic - Click 1. Uploaded by Los Borgia has ratings and 44 reviews. Then this little comic-book saga by Chilean visionary Alejandro Jodorowsky and Italian maestro Milo Manara.


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Aaaaand then we have this mess.

Borgia: Blood for the Pope (Borgia #1) by Alejandro Jodorowsky

Not gonna lie, I was interested to read what a graphic novel adaptation would look like when attributed to the Borgia story It's just as aweful as it sounds. It may look pretty but there are two factors that bring the visuals down los borgia comic me.


The characters are TOO STIFF, there's hardly any sense of motion or urgency, given that most of the situations the characters face are urgent in and of themselves.

And almost obsessive overreliance on sexuality that I have failed to see in the other mediums that I have researched, be they cinematic, literary or otherwise.

I'm not one against sex in a medium, but when if comes up left right and center in the work something tells me that he author has a skewed sense of reality. Yes the first los borgia comic pages of the first issue kinna set the tone for the whole thing los borgia comic it got ridiculous into the 4th issue.

The characters los borgia comic anything but humane, they are power hungry and lustful creatures, from their early teens up until adulthood Cesare and Lucrezia demonstrate this.

Talk abouyt extreme sports: P I can't even put into los borgia comic how awkward this story made me feel In its entirity it is so I will include it into my feed because It isn't worht a spot up there. This blasphemy to the already blasphemous Borgias?

Reseña: Los Borgia, de Jodorowsky y Manara | Crónicas Literarias

los borgia comic I was just surprised that if you choose a writer who is illustrious in the domain of creating huge sci Of course, I understand your point and attitude.

I was just surprised that if you choose a writer who is illustrious in the domain of creating huge sci-fi and fantasy worlds and phantasmagorical mysticism, and an illustrator who perhaps draws erotic pictures only; that you would expect something touching historical reality.

If I put a similar analogy, it's like complaining that the Marvel's Thor doesn't really fit historical Norse myths of medieval Vikings. But again, I take los borgia comic you are approaching from different direction and I respect your evaluation.

This also reminds me a little bit of From Hell and Lost Girls, but with easier writing. I think it's my love for crime, mystery, and dysfunctional families that draws my attention.

I've watch most of the Showtime show of them, so most of my knowledge of them might This is a good los borgia comic book to introduce someone to the infamous Borgia family, that is if los borgia comic don't mind lots of sex and violence.


I've watch most of the Showtime show of them, so most of my knowledge of them might be highly fictional or just rumors. I'm also intrigued by los borgia comic fact they are a "holy" family of los borgia comic Catholic Church, yet they prove that not all popes are good, some are as wicked as the Devil.

From what I've learned, the Borgia house is recognized as one of the first mafia families.

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  • Los Borgia: integral (Borgia, #) by Alejandro Jodorowsky
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All make very interesting stories as separate people. You got the power hungers Cesare, the lustful Lucrezia, the favorable Giovanni, and the youngest Gioffre.

Apparently, the house was corrupt.

Los Borgia, in J S's Milo Manara Comic Art Gallery Room

los borgia comic Many of the Borgias abused their power and thought too highly of themselves. This comic book remind me a lot of the Showtime show, but more of this other show I started watching on Netflix.

This doesn't hid the fact that the Borgias were living in a very dark time.