The Landesplanungsgesetz. Regional plans .. planning central place system, July 14, (Rheinland-Pfalz: Ministerium des Innern und für Sport), pp. 21– by the Ministry of Culture, Youth, Family and Women, Rheinland-Pfalz) structural .. Federal-state planning law (Landesplanungsgesetz -LPlG) Rheinland-Pfalz. (Ministerium für Umwelt und Forsten des Landes Rheinland-Pfalz und State Regional Planning Act of Brandenburg (Landesplanungsgesetz und.


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It concludes by discussing the practical implications for future strategic spacial planning processes in Landesplanungsgesetz rlp and the best use of cartographic representations to reach agreement and to focus dialogue. His research interests landesplanungsgesetz rlp federalism, multilevel governance, regional elections, and regional parties and his work has appeared in journals such as Comparative Political Studies, European Journal of Political Research, Party Politics, Regional Studies, and West European Politics.

Hans Joachim Fröhlich

The later 18th century saw the growth of sensibility towards the beauties of nature, and landesplanungsgesetz rlp often dramatic physical scenery of the Middle Rhine Valley, coupled with the many ruined castles on prominent hilltops, made it appeal strongly to the Romantic movement, which in turn influenced the form of much 19th century restoration and reconstruction.

The Rhine is one of the world's great rivers and has witnessed many crucial events in human history. The stretch of the Middle Rhine Valley between Bingen and Koblenz is in many ways an exceptional expression of this long history.

It is a cultural landscape that has been fashioned by humankind over many centuries and its present form and structure derive from human interventions conditioned by the cultural landesplanungsgesetz rlp political evolution of Western Europe.

landesplanungsgesetz rlp


The geomorphology of the Middle Rhine Valley, moreover, is such that the river has over the centuries fostered a cultural landscape of great beauty which has strongly influenced artists of all kinds - poets, painters, and composers - over the past two centuries.

As one of the most important transport routes in Europe, the Middle Rhine Valley has for two millennia facilitated the exchange of culture between the Mediterranean region and the north. Landesplanungsgesetz rlp Middle Rhine Valley is landesplanungsgesetz rlp outstanding organic cultural landscape, the present-day character of which is determined both by its geomorphological and geological setting and by the human interventions, such as settlements, transport infrastructure, and land use, that it has undergone over two thousand years.

Regionalplan Ruhr -

The Middle Rhine Valley is an outstanding example of an evolving traditional way of life and means of communication in a narrow river landesplanungsgesetz rlp.

The terracing of its steep slopes in particular has shaped the landscape in many ways for more than two millennia. However, this form of land use landesplanungsgesetz rlp under threat from the socio-economic pressures of the present day.