L'Italia di Giolitti has 22 ratings and 0 reviews. Dall'omicidio di Umberto I fino al ''Natale di sangue'' fiumano, la scena politica italiana è dominata. Per gettare uno sguardo più articolato sull'Italia giolittiana, i due riferimenti obbligatori sono: sul piano politicoistituzionale i classici G. Carocci, Giolitti e l'eta. There is a newer edition of this item: Storia d'Italia vol. 10 - L'Italia di Giolitti CDN$ Usually ships within 3 to 4 days.


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In the first complete English-language study of Giolitti, De Grand examines the political life of Italy's most notable prime minister after Cavour.

Giolitti emerges not as a transitional figure leading fledgling Italy into modern democracy, but as a staunch adherent of 19th-century elitist liberalism trying to navigate the new tide of l italia giolittiana politics.

The government's proposal was of a gradual expansion of the electorate, but without reaching the universal male suffrage.

Alcuni aspetti della politica di Giolitti: tra liberalismo e democrazia

Giolitti, speaking in the L italia giolittiana, declared himself in favor of universal male suffrage, overcoming the impulse to government positions. His aim was to l italia giolittiana Luzzatti's resignation and become Prime Minister again; moreover he want to start a cooperation with the Socialists in the Italian parliamentary system.

Many historians considered Giolitti's proposal a mistake. The universal suffrage, contrary to Giolitti's opinions, would destabilize the entire political establishment: Giolitti "was convinced that Italy can not grow economically and socially without enlarging the number of those who partecipated [sic?

Sidney Sonnino and the Socialists Filippo Turati and Claudio Treves proposed to introduce also the female suffragebut Giolitti strongly opposed it, considering it too risky, and suggested to introduce the female suffrage only at local level.

L'Italia di Giolitti: by Indro Montanelli

Although a man of first-class financial ability, great honesty and wide culture, Luzzatti had not the strength of character necessary to lead a government: Furthermore, he never realized that with the chamber, as it was then constituted, l italia giolittiana only held office at Giolitti's good pleasure.

Social policy[ edit ] During his fourth term, L italia giolittiana tried to seal an alliance with the Italian Socialist Partyproposing the universal suffrageimplementing left-wing social policies, introducing the National Insurance Institutewhich provided for the nationalization of insurance at the expense of the private sector.

Moreover, Giolitti appointed the socialist Alberto Beneduce at the head of this institute. In fact, at that time the parliamentarians had no type of salary, and this favored the wealthy l italia giolittiana.

Giovanni Giolitti - Wikipedia

Italo-Turkish War The claims of Italy over Libya dated back to Turkey's defeat l italia giolittiana Russia in the war of — and subsequent discussions after the Congress of Berlin inin which France and Great Britain had agreed to the occupation of Tunisia and Cyprus respectively, both parts of the then declining Ottoman Empire.

When Italian diplomats hinted about possible opposition by their government, the French replied that Tripoli would have been a counterpart l italia giolittiana Italy.

InItaly and France had signed a secret treaty which accorded freedom of intervention in Tripolitania and Morocco.

Italian artillery battery during the Italo-Turkish War. The Italian press began a large-scale lobbying campaign in favour of an invasion of Libya at the end of March It was fancifully depicted as rich in minerals, l italia giolittiana, and defended by only 4, Ottoman troops.

Also, the population was described as hostile to the Ottoman Empire and friendly to the Italians: The Italian government was hesitant initially, but l italia giolittiana the summer the preparations for the invasion were carried out and Prime Minister Giolitti began to probe the other European major powers about their reactions to a possible invasion of Libya.


The Socialist party had strong influence over public opinion. However, it was in opposition and also divided on the issue.

It acted ineffectively against a military intervention. Through Austrian intermediation, the Ottomans replied with the proposal l italia giolittiana transferring control of Libya without war, maintaining a formal Ottoman suzerainty.

Alcuni aspetti della politica di Giolitti: tra liberalismo e democrazia

This suggestion was comparable to the situation in Egyptwhich was under formal Ottoman suzerainty, but was actually controlled by the United Kingdom. Giolitti refused, and war was declared on September 29, On 18 October Turkey officially surrendered.

As a result of this conflict, Italy captured the Ottoman Tripolitania Vilayet provinceof which the main sub-provinces were FezzanCyrenaicaand Tripoli itself. These territories together formed what became known as Italian Libya.

During the conflict, Italian forces also occupied the L italia giolittiana islands in the Aegean L italia giolittiana. However, the vagueness of the text allowed a provisional Italian administration of the islands, and Turkey eventually renounced all claims on these islands in Article 15 of the Treaty of Lausanne in