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To accomplish this, Microsoft has developed a framework that all applications can use.

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The inet vb6 ebook is organized into namespaces and one of the namespaces is System. This namespace contains a set of classes that allow you to add networking to your applications. Net namespace is divided into three layers of abstraction.

At the highest level is the request and response layer. This provides developers with a simple mechanism for requesting and receiving data from an Internet site.

It also provides inet vb6 ebook information about each, such as the data types of properties, the syntax of methods, and the arguments of events.

If you require a more in-depth source of information, Microsoft's Visual Inet vb6 ebook 6. Each control or object in this appendix shows the full list of properties, events, and methods.

A few notes about the way the information is presented are listed here: Properties, events, and methods that are common to many controls or objects are detailed at the inet vb6 ebook of this chapter.

Any applicable common properties, events, and methods are also inet vb6 ebook for each control and object in the chapter, but they are not detailed. Property listings give the data types, or the appropriate object type, collection name, or enumeration name for each property.

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Internet Transfer Control (VB6) | Windows Secrets Lounge

Q Inet vb6 ebook information in this article applies to: Unable to connect to remote host". This is incorrect; the Internet Transfer Control does not interpret 0 as infinity.


We are researching this bug and will post new information here in the Microsoft Knowledge Base as it becomes available.