RFC HTTP/ June Table of Contents 1 Introduction. HTTP/, as defined by RFC [6], improved the protocol by allowing messages to be. The Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) is an application-level protocol with the lightness and speed necessary for distributed, collaborative, hypermedia. The Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) is an application protocol for distributed, collaborative, . RFC officially introduced and recognized HTTP V in The HTTP WG planned to publish new standards in December and the  ‎History · ‎HTTP session · ‎HTTP authentication · ‎Message format.


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A cache stores cachable responses in order to reduce the response time and network bandwidth consumption on future, equivalent requests.


Any client or server may include a cache, though a cache cannot http rfc 1945 used by a server while it is acting as a tunnel.

RFC An application program that establishes connections for the purpose of sending requests. RFC A particular representation or rendition of a data resource, or reply from a service http rfc 1945, that may be enclosed within a request or response message.

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An entity consists of metainformation in the form of entity headers and content in the form of an entity body. Http rfc 1945 The time at which the origin server intends that an entity should no longer be returned by a cache without further validation.

RFC A response is first-hand if it comes directly and without unnecessary http rfc 1945 from the origin server, perhaps via one or more proxies.

A response is also first-hand if its validity has just been checked directly with http rfc 1945 origin server. This is useful for retrieving meta-information written in response headers, without having to transport the entire content.

The data POSTed might be, for example, an http rfc 1945 for existing resources; a message for a bulletin board, newsgroup, mailing list, or comment thread; a block of data that is the result of submitting a web form to a data-handling process; or an item to add to a database.

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If the URI refers to an already existing resource, it is modified; if the URI does not point to an existing resource, then the http rfc 1945 can create the resource with that URI. In other words, they should not have side effectsbeyond relatively harmless effects such as logging http rfc 1945, cachingthe serving of banner advertisements or incrementing a web counter.

Making arbitrary GET requests without regard to the context of the application's state should therefore be considered safe.

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However, http rfc 1945 is not mandated by the standard, and it is explicitly acknowledged that it cannot be guaranteed. Such methods are therefore not usually used by conforming web robots or web crawlers ; some that do not conform tend to make requests without regard to context or consequences.

HTTP Specifications and Drafts

Despite the prescribed safety of GET requests, in practice their handling by the server is not technically limited in any way. An HTTP request is made by a client, to a named host, which is http rfc 1945 on a server.

As with most other authentication protocols, the greatest sources of risks are usually found not in the core protocol itself but in policies and procedures surrounding its use.

Some confusion exists concerning the proper use and interpretation of HTTP http rfc 1945 numbers, and concerning interoperability of HTTP implementations of different protocol versions.

This document is an attempt to clarify the situation. It describes two new headers, Cookie and Set-Cookie, which carry state http rfc 1945 between participating origin servers and user agents.