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Teknologi tersebut mengutamakan empat konsep herbisida roundup yaitu Energi Saving yang mampu menghemat penggunaan listrik, Strong Cooling sebagai kemampuannya mendinginkan makanan secara cepat dan segera, Comfort yang akan memberikan kenyamanan untuk Anda sebagai poenggunanya serta Durability yang mampu beroperasi pada tegangan listrik yang rendah.

Tentu konsep tersebut herbisida roundup banyak keuntungan untuk Anda.

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Paraquat, glufosinate, glyphosate are non-selective herbisida roundup. Preplant herbicides are nonselective herbicides applied to soil before planting.

Some preplant herbicides may be mechanically incorporated into the soil. The herbicides kill weeds as they grow through the herbicide treated zone. Herbisida roundup herbicides have to be incorporated into the soil before planting the pasture.

Agricultural crops grown in soil treated with a preplant herbicide include tomatoes, corn, soybeans and strawberries. Soil fumigants like metam-sodium herbisida roundup dazomet are in use as preplant herbisida roundup. Preemergence herbicides are applied before the weed seedlings emerge through the soil surface.


Herbicides do not prevent weeds from germinating but they kill weeds as they grow through the herbicide treated zone by herbisida roundup the herbisida roundup division in the emerging seedling.

Dithopyr and pendimethalin are preemergence herbicides. Weeds that have already emerged before application or activation are not affected by pre-herbicides as their primary growing point escapes the treatment.

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These herbicides are applied after weed seedlings have emerged through the herbisida roundup surface. They can be foliar or root absorbed, selective or nonselective, contact or systemic. Application of these herbicides is avoided during rain because the problem of being washed off to the soil makes it ineffective.

Herbicides applied to the soil are usually taken up by the root or shoot of the emerging seedlings and are used as preplant or herbisida roundup treatment.

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Several factors influence the effectiveness of soil-applied herbicides. Weeds absorb herbicides by both passive and active herbisida roundup. Herbicide adsorption to soil colloids or organic matter often reduces its amount available for weed absorption.

486 Sl Herbisida Roundup

Positioning of herbicide in correct layer of soil is very important, which can be achieved mechanically and by rainfall. Herbicides on the soil surface are subjected to several herbisida roundup that reduce their availability.

Volatility herbisida roundup photolysis are two common processes that reduce the availability of herbisida roundup. Many soil applied herbicides are absorbed through plant shoots while they are still underground leading to their death or injury.


EPTC and trifluralin are soil applied herbicides. Herbisida roundup are applied to portion of the plant above the ground and are absorbed by exposed tissues.

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These are generally postemergence herbicides and can either be translocated systemic throughout the plant or remain at specific site contact. External herbisida roundup of plants like cuticle, waxes, herbisida roundup wall etc. Glyphosate, 2,4-D and dicamba are foliar applied herbicide.


An herbicide is described as herbisida roundup low residual activity if herbisida roundup is neutralized within a short time of application within a few weeks herbisida roundup months - typically this is due to rainfall, or by reactions in the soil.

An herbicide described as having high residual activity will remain potent for a long term in the soil. For some compounds, the residual activity can leave the ground almost permanently barren.

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Mechanism of action[ edit ] Herbicides are often classified according to their site of action, because as a general rule, herbicides within the same site of action herbisida roundup will produce similar symptoms on susceptible plants.

Classification based on site of action of herbicide is herbisida roundup better as herbicide resistance management can be handled more properly and effectively.

Any crop or material produced from these products can only herbisida roundup exported to, or used, processed or sold in countries where all necessary regulatory approvals have been granted.