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Most thin notebook is only equipped Ebook bisnis online gratis port to connect to an external display.

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First time typing with my Xe feel my fingers are slender and long faster chiclet keyboard with white keys. The size may be small notebookbut the broad Touch Pad is what everyone wants.

Ebook bisnis online gratis Pad broad offering of precision and ease in controlling the movement of the cursor on the screen. Touch Pad on Xe look neat without the presence of mechanical buttons right click and left click.

Do not be worrying about the existence of these two important buttonsASUS around this by designing two buttons hidden beneath the surface of the Touch Pad. The most enjoyable thing for me of this other than the Touch Pad broad surface is muti- touch gesture featurewhich has ebook bisnis online gratis a familiar feature I use on my smartphone and tablet.


A ebook bisnis online gratis that is roomy enough for me to store the data I needsave a collection of photos, music and videos. In this notebook I divide the space into three partitions of hard diskwhere data security sake I put the operating system and programs on a separate partition with the necessary data and data collection of ebook bisnis online gratismusic and videos.

In practicethis notebook can be used to work without plugged into a power source in a time long enough for the size of a very thin portable notebook. The capacity of the battery in the notebook I use enough for me to edit documents and presentations in beautifying the air all the way from Yogyakarta to Makassar.

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Xe battery can last up to three hours when ebook bisnis online gratis to the internet via a Wi — Fi network I use for browsing with multiple tabs open in Google Chrome and Firefox. When used to watch HD videos stored on the hard disk or if the working documents off linethis notebook can last even longer with battery power.

EntertainmentAudio and Video I am not a Gamer.

When a gamer was certainly not going to use the notebook sail However, it seems difficult to separate ebook bisnis online gratis music going with my life. I listen to music while typing this article while reading the news from sites that I followat work preparing digital contents and when are drafting documents and preparing presentations.

The speakers are implanted under the keyboard I feel this notebook is able to produce music that is detailed and rich vocals.

Music playing from the awesome sound Xe ears when I tried to use the iPhone headset 5s. No wonder that with this notebook I linger alone on the terrace behind the house to browseread and read and complete the productive work ebook bisnis online gratis listening to music ebook bisnis online gratis is processed by ASUS Sonic Master audio technology.

Xe notebook has a With this notebook I can freely watch HD videos clip of my favorite artist on Youtubewatch TED videoswatch the latest movie trailers HD format even watch HD movie collection that are saved on the hard disk of this notebook.

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I need to find a place where there where the power jacktake the charger out of the bagcharger cable parse rolledcarefully put the charger in a safe place and do not interferethen ebook bisnis online gratis it.

The chart above shows the difference between the size before and after optimization. Ebook Bisnis Online Gratis Blogspot images are well optimized though. The diagram shows the current total size of all JavaScript files against the prospective JavaScript size ebook bisnis online gratis its minification and compression.