User guide to creating and using equations in Moodle with latex and a We are replacing the dragmath plugin with Wiris because dragmath. Any Moodle users planning to use the DragMath equation editor need to have a recent Java Runtime Environment installed. 2) the dragmath latex format includes no tokens, while moodletex includes doubledollar sign which the Moodle Tex filter uses to parse and  how to install DragMath on moodle


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Due to the limitations of mobile browsers and the many recent security issues dragmath moodle Java, it's no longer available in a lot of browsers. This makes the dragmath tool unusable in many cases.

Moodle in English

Javascript is different than Java, and will be available in most browsers. Dragmath moodle an example of how to use this editor we will be creating a Moodle course label resource. Please be sure to have your pop-up dragmath moodle off to use this editor as it opens the editor in a pop-up window.

After clicking on the icon, a pop-up window opens that contains the visual equation editor.

DragMath equation editor - MoodleDocs

From here you can add any equation using the available pallet of tools provided through the Wiris plugin. For more information about the capabilities of this tool we encourage you to see the additional resources section which links to the user dragmath moodle on Wiris's website.

When done creating the equation, simply click the "Accept" button to have the Wiris plugin convert the dragmath moodle into an image for display. Below you can see that the equation has dragmath moodle added to our label we're creating.


You can then dragmath moodle save to finish the creation of the equation, or, as we'll do here, you can go back into dragmath moodle equation editor to edit a part of the equation.

Introduction To quote the W3C [1]: This is an open-source drag and drop equation editor written in Java.


Once an expression is created the user dragmath moodle convert it into a variety of different linear syntax for mathematics, including MathML, LaTeX, Maple, Maxima or any user defined style. Created by Christoper Sangwin and Alexander Billingsley at the University of Birmingham as part of the STACK projectDragMath allows students to build mathematical expressions using a graphical drag-and-drop interface similar in appearance to that available in dragmath moodle number of office productivity suites.

DragMath was then maintained by Marc Grober until it was integrated into core Moodle with the release of Moodle 2. Most systems come with the JRE as standard dragmath moodle, so you may not have to do anything. If you need to install the JRE manually, you can download it from here.

You can see a demo of the DragMath editor here.


The DragMath interface is highly intuitive and anyone can be using it productively after a few minutes of trial-and-error. If you have questions about the editor, there is a short manual here which also discusses the various configuration options, some of which are mentioned briefly below.

Using DragMath DragMath is based on the simple idea that the User who does not know a lot of TeX pronounced Tech can still dragmath moodle mathematical formula for publishing. In this case, Moodle dragmath moodle the dispaly agent so the TeX formulae are then rendered to a Moodle screen.

This essentially means that with little experience, any Junior High Maths teacher can generate all the formulae they need for most aspects of Maths in Moodle.

Moodle Math - Ian Wild - Google Libros

Dragmath moodle simple expressions To begin, dragmath moodle on the DragMath insertion button. This opens The DragMath interface. Opening Dragmath The toolbar is different than you may expect, we are used to nice neat rows of buttons, but Dragmath has to use tabs.

Each tab is tab is a collection of "templates", that is each symbol is a "template" and can be dragged and dropped onto the work space.

Moodle in English: How to install dragmath on Moodle 2?

This simple, but not simplistic, interface is a strength of DragMath. It make it easy for even novices to create complex formulae.

A sequence for DragMath - click an image to enlarge Select the Dragmath moodle with the symbols required Click, hold then drag'n'drop a symbol Enter the values, select an operation symbol Select another symbol dragmath moodle drag'n'drop Add an equal or other sign Add in a variable, chi in this case Click Insert See the encoded result in the editing dialog.

dragmath moodle