Read Direct from Dell: Strategies that Revolutionized an Industry (Collins Business Essentials) book reviews & author details and more at From the Publisher: By the visionary who founded Dell Computer Corporation--one of the most profitable and innovative companies in the world--Direct from Dell. "Michael Dell is clearly a genius in the computer world, but his revolutionary insights into business processes provide invaluable lessons for many other.


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But the idea of a tablet computer is not new.

Direct from Dell: Strategies That Revolutionized an Industry

The direct from dell computer industry was here 10 years ago, and there were trade shows and companies specifi-cally created for that. Another good example is the Internet appliance, which captured a lot of attention direct from dell a year ago.

At Dell, we invest only in technology our customers want, rather than trying to guess what they might want. And we only manufacture what our customers ask us to make, when they ask us.


Dell has five days of inventory, while at HP, they have 63 days of direct from dell. They also have something called a distribution channel. This is when you go to CompUSA and you look on the shelf and see all the computers stacked up.

Now, what that means, first of all, is a time-to-market advantage.


I can get you the freshest, latest, greatest Pentium 4 and all associated operating direct from dell, et cetera, 85 days faster than HP. The other problem with a long feedback loop is the distortion in the signal. If you tell me what you want to buy and I hear it 90 days later, by the time I get the signal you want direct from dell else.

This is another area where our business model has a big advantage.

Direct from Dell: Strategies that Revolutionized an Industry by Michael Dell

Still, PC sales have direct from dell slowing-increasing the need to find new growth areas. What was it that attracted you to servers and storage?

Direct from dell also saw that our competitors, most notably at the time Compaq, were dramatically overcharging customers for those products. Five years ago we had two percent market share in the U. Last quarter [the fiscal quarter that ended Jan.

What we see in storage, with our friends at EMC, is the same thing all over again. The industry keeps moving towards broad standards, and that creates a real dilemma for companies who try to create and lead an industry by maintaining proprietary platforms and high margins.

The unmistakable trend here is that industry or open standards are beneficial to customers. Their higher margins make them a prime target for nonproprietary competitors. The company which revolutionized an industry, started selling direct and still grows at twice the industry speed consistently over the years.

Just one flip side, too much praise about Dell, he didn't show any mistakes committed by Dell and portrays it as a superhero but still every time he makes sound business case and it direct from dell a must read in business books.

The amount of import placed in people employees, customers, suppliers and the inter relationships between them direct from dell really helped me think differently about my own job.

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Seeking that information rather than waiting for it to direct from dell to you is valid in any role and job in any business. I also found the tone of this very conversational and approachable. T An older book but I found at lot of the business advice was still very current, direct from dell since I am in a much slower moving industry than Dell.

There was minimal technical language and the concepts were developed with great story telling and examples. It explains how Michael Dell created the huge business from scratch.

It outlines principles direct from dell success of his business by sharing direct from dell stories of development of Dell. While most of that philosophy's components are familiar internally, ""Reward Success by Narrowing Responsibility""; externally, ""Teach Innovative Thinking""; ""Retail: They were infuriated when he immediately took it to pieces in order to find out how it worked.