Reinhold P. Weicker Siemens AG, E STE Postfach D Erlangen Germany (West). Why a Version 2 of Dhrystone? The Dhrystone benchmark. DMIPS is Dhrystone MIPS. To help understand the meaning of this name lets divide it in two words and start with short explanation what is. 4 traction. Dhrystone is formally reported as. "Dhrystone MIPS". Weakness: Dhrystone users employ confusing and ambiguous terminology such as DMIPS.


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The first is controlled by CPU architecture, memory speed, and so on.

dhrystone mips The second has those as variables, and add "how effective is the instruction set at doing the sort of work I want to do. Yes How can we improve this article? External OpenNon-Confidential.

Other than issues related to compiler optimization, various other issues have been cited with the Dhrystone. Most of these, including the small code size and small data set size, were understood at the time of its publication in dhrystone mips More subtle is the slight over-representation of string operations, which is largely language-related: Another issue is that the score dhrystone mips does not include information which is critical when comparing systems such as which compiler was used, and what optimizations.

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Dhrystone remains remarkably resilient as a simple benchmark, but its continuing value in establishing true performance is questionable. Later dhrystone mips are for new optimised compilations via Microsoft 32 bit and dhrystone mips bit compilers, the latter with integer variables declared as 32 and 64 bits.

Dhrystone - Wikipedia

Much of the gain appears to be due to a different translation of the C source code but, with twice as many registers available for optimisation at 64 bits, there could be some performance improvement. Regarding 64 bit dhrystone mips, the versions using 64 bit integers dhrystone mips both slower than with 32 bit integers.


dhrystone mips This might be due to the higher volume of data from cache with 64 bit words but limited compilations were inconclusive when some of the code was omitted. The EXE files can be found in Win Because of the self-imposed limitation that the order and distribution of the executed statements should not be changed, there are still cases where optimizing compilers may not generate dhrystone mips for some statements.

To a certain degree, this dhrystone mips unavoidable for small synthetic benchmarks. Users of the benchmark are advised to check code listings whether code is generated for all statements of Dhrystone.

Main difference DMIPS and MIPS | Microchip

Contrary to the suggestion in the published paper and its realization in the versions previously distributed, no attempt has been made to subtract the time for the measurement loop overhead.

This calculation has proven difficult dhrystone mips implement in a correct way, and its omission makes the program simpler. However, since the loop check is now part of the benchmark, this does have an impact - though a very minor one - on the distribution statistics which have been updated for this version.

Discussion of Individual Changes In this section, all changes are described that affect the measurement loop and that are not just renamings of variables. All remarks refer to the C version; the other language versions have been updated dhrystone mips.

In addition to adding the measurement loop and the printout statements, changes have been made at the following places: Dhrystone mips the three arithmetic computations at the end of the measurement loop in "main ", the role of some variables has been exchanged, to prevent the division from just cancelling out the multiplication as it was in [1].

A very smart compiler might have recognized this and dhrystone mips code generation for the division.


The dhrystone mips statistics in the comment headers have been updated accordingly. String Operations The string operations string assignment and string comparison have not been changed, to keep the program consistent with the original version. There has been some concern that the string operations are over-represented in the program, dhrystone mips that execution time is dominated by these operations.


This was true in particular when optimizing compilers removed too much code in the main part of the program, dhrystone mips should have been mitigated in version 2. It should be noted that this is a language-dependent issue: