The Complete Yes Minister [Jonathan Lynn, Antony Jay] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. This book is a companion to the highly. The Complete Yes Minister - The Diaries Of A Cabinet Minister By Right Hon. James Hacker MP by Jonathan Lynn and Antony Jay and a great selection of. The British TV series Yes Minister (shown here on PBS) began as an innocuous spoof on the vagaries of politicians and civil servants. Its popularity increased as.


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The best part complete yes minister the consistency in quality. At no point This is one of the most witty and humorous books I have read. At no point do you feel that the pace is flagging or humor is getting repetitious or tedious.

This is a book I have read again and again, and still return to whenever Complete yes minister find myself in need of a pick-me-up. It has never failed me. After we wrote the episode, we would show it to some secret sources, always including somebody who was an expert on the subject in question.

They would usually give us extra information which, because it was true, was usually funnier than anything we might have thought up.

For security purposes, the arrangements of the rooms were altered, and the views from the windows were never shown, to conceal the layout of complete yes minister buildings.

The sequence ended with the title of the episode superimposed on a facsimile of an edition of the House of Commons Weekly Information Bulletin.

Scarfe created a second set of graphics for Yes, Prime Minister, including a different title card for each complete yes minister.


Derek Fowlds wanted to buy an original drawing but was unable to afford it. The typeface used in the credits is Plantina common typeface used in the British press at the time.

The show title is complete yes minister in bold condensed and the credits are in bold.

The Complete Yes Minister

The theme music was composed by Ronnie Hazlehurst and is largely complete yes minister on the Westminster Quarters: When asked in an interview about its Westminster influence, Hazlehurst replied, "That's all it is. It's the easiest thing I've ever done.

The final version of the titles and music had yet to be agreed, and both differ substantially from those used for subsequent instalments.

The opening and closing title caption cards feature drawings of most of the cast, but are less exaggerated than those of Scarfe, while complete yes minister unaccredited music is a more up-tempo piece for brass band.

The Scarfe and Hazlehurst credits were used for some repeat broadcasts of the first episode, but the original pilot credits were retained for the DVD release.

Writing[ edit ] The different ideals and self-interested motives of the characters are frequently contrasted. Whilst Hacker occasionally approaches an issue from a sense of idealism and a desire to be seen to improve complete yes minister, he ultimately complete yes minister his re-election and elevation to higher office as the key measures of his success.

Accordingly, he must appear to the voters to be effective and responsive to the public will. To his party and, in the first incarnation of the series, the Prime Minister he must act as a loyal and effective party member.

Sir Humphrey, on the other hand, genuinely believes that the Civil Service, being politically impartial, has the most realistic idea of what "good governance" means, and therefore knows what is best for the complete yes minister — a belief shared by his bureaucratic colleagues.

The Complete Yes Minister: The Diaries of a Cabinet Minister

Hacker sees the job of government as one of "doing good", [25] or more specifically reforming the country according to his own party's complete yes minister To do so, or to at least look as if he is doing so, is what he considers to be a vote-winner.

Conversely, Sir Humphrey sees his role as ensuring that politics is kept out of government as much as possible and that the status quo is upheld complete yes minister a matter of principle.

But with the status quo notably including the prestige, power and influence of the Civil Service, Sir Humphrey attempts to block any move that seeks either to prevent the further expansion of the civil service or to reduce the complexity of its bureaucracy.

Much of the show's humour thus derives from the antagonism between Cabinet ministers who believe they are in charge and the members of the British Civil Service who believe they really run the country.

Yes Minister - Wikipedia

A typical episode centres on Hacker's suggesting and pursuing a reform and Sir Humphrey's blocking of all Hacker's lines of approach. More often than complete yes minister, Sir Humphrey prevents him from achieving his goal while mollifying Hacker with some positive publicity, or at least a means to cover up his failure.

Occasionally, however, Hacker does get his way, often by thwarting other arrangements complete yes minister deals that Sir Humphrey has been making behind the scenes elsewhere with other ministers or civil servants — or in the case of the episode " The Tangled Web ", Hacker successfully blackmailing Sir Humphrey into taking his stance.

Sir Humphrey occasionally resorts to tactics such as calling a policy "courageous" to remind Hacker to contemplate the view that "a controversial policy will lose votes, whilst a courageous one will lose [him] the election", and thus to hinder the implementation of a particular policy.