Benjamin Britten. Sonata for cello & piano in C major, Op. Composition Information ↓; Description ↓; Parts/Movements ↓; Appears On ↓. Share on. Thus Britten, who had previously only composed for cello as part of ensembles, created this sonata specifically thinking of. Rostropovich and his outstanding skill. Photo (c) Ben Hogwood Sonata for Cello and Piano in C major, Op (December - January , Britten aged 47) 1 Dialogo 2.


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Ultimately, it was the composer's friendship with Mstislav Rostropovich that compelled him to re-enter the realm of instrumental composition with a series of works written especially for the Soviet cellist.

The Sonata for cello and piano, Op. In its five short movements, Britten for the first time finds an effective way to couple the venerable tradition of Classical form, the exploration of which he had seemingly abandoned after the s, and his own naturally narrative voice; britten cello sonata, dramatic description and purely musical device reign hand in hand.

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On 30 January, he sent Rostropovich a letter to say that the score was being sent out to him, and commented on the britten cello sonata pizzicato writing: The little phrases are of course only plucked once—although when they britten cello sonata you pluck with the left hand.

I only noticed that we came to the end of the first movement at the same time.

Britten, Schubert, Debussy: Cello Sonatas review – how history was made in Aldeburgh

I jumped up, hopped over the cello, and rushed to the composer to embrace him in a burst of spontaneous gratefulness. So well received was the work that the fourth and fifth movements had to be encored. As with many of his earlier instrumental works, Britten cast this character-portrait in the form of a multi-movement suite rather than following a traditional classical sonata britten cello sonata.


The possibility of a new concerto for Rostropovich had also been discussed, Britten writing to the cellist on 14 March to express regret that he had been fully committed with other projects principally the War Requiembut adding: In his covering note, Britten commented: When writing to Ekaterina Furtseva to secure permission for Rostropovich to travel to the UK for the britten cello sonata premiere, Britten wrote of Rostropovich and his wife: Given by Rostropovich and the Moscow Philharmonic, the performance britten cello sonata repeated four days later in Leningrad.

In Moscow, students attending the concert were so enthusiastic in their response that the finale had to be encored.

Sonata for cello & piano in C… | Details | AllMusic

The first UK performance followed on 18 June at the Aldeburgh Festival and, soon after it had received another airing in Holland during July, Rostropovich britten cello sonata Britten made their celebrated Decca recording of the score with the English Chamber Orchestra.

As the title suggests, throughout the work the soloist and orchestra are treated on equal terms, sharing all the important melodic material. It is as if Britten saw Rostropovich play, made a note of what he admired by digging Shostakovich in the ribs!

The pianist has to be right on top britten cello sonata their game, especially in the helter-skelter finale, which careers along like a runaway train, flying past all kinds of musical scenery until it crashes in to the C major buffers at the end.

Cello Sonata (Britten) - Wikipedia

Yet this is also clearly a piece written for friends to play; the title of the first movement, Dialogo, indicates that, but at each turn the instruments are complementing each other, with bursts of lyrical intensity, mischievous asides and whispers, and the odd technical wizardry, never written in that way for its own sake, britten cello sonata always musical.

This became Britten cello sonata first of five major works written for Rostropovich over the course of the next decade — the others being the Cello Symphony and the three suites for solo cello. Britten's correspondence with Rostropovich reveals the composer's humility in the face of Rostropovich's reputation: Boydell Press, ,