Each chapter is designed to define and teach underlying principles of bioinorganic chemistry while at the same time describing the state of current knowledge. Book: Bioinorganic Chemistry (Bertini et al.) included in a one-quarter or one-semester course in bioinorganic chemistry for graduate students and advanced. Bioinorganic Chemistry (Bertini, Ivano; Gray, Harry B.; Lippard, Stephen J.; Valentine, Joan Selverstone). Kenneth Kustin. J. Chem. Educ., , 72 (6), p A


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A full course in bioinorganic chemistry could be based entirely on this overview section, which is bioinorganic chemistry bertini really a book within a book!

A special feature is the strong connection to the genomic revolution that has dramatically enhanced our ability to define the function of gene products in living organisms.

Throughout the book, protein data bank codes are given for structures discussed in the bioinorganic chemistry bertini, and students are encouraged to learn to use the PDB in their courses and research. This exciting new book will be a must read for years to come for all students and researchers interested in the field of biological inorganic chemistry.

Book: Bioinorganic Chemistry (Bertini et al.)

Ancillaries Art online is available for bioinorganic chemistry bertini professors. His main research interests are the advancements in nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy, the expression and preparation of metalloproteins, their structural characterization and the investigation of their interactions with emphasis on understanding cellular processes at the molecular level.

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He has over papers and many books. Amongst the special lectures: He has received three honorary doctorates.


Harry Barkus Gray is the Arnold O. His main research interests center on inorganic spectroscopy, photochemistry, and bioinorganic chemistry bertini chemistry, with emphasis on understanding electron transfer in proteins.

Book: Bioinorganic Chemistry (Bertini et al.) - Chemistry LibreTexts

He was California Scientist of the Year in Although each chapter presents material at a more advanced level than that of bioinorganic textbooks published previously, the chapters are not specialized review articles. What we have attempted to do in each chapter is to teach the underlying principles of bioinorganic chemistry as well as outlining the state of knowledge in selected areas.

We have chosen not to include abbreviated summaries of the inorganic chemistry, biochemistry, and spectroscopy that students may need as background in order to master the bioinorganic chemistry bertini presented. We instead assume that the instructor using this book will assign reading from relevant sources that is appropriate to the background of the students taking the course.

For the convenience of the instructors, students, and other readers of this book, we have included an appendix that lists bioinorganic chemistry bertini to reviews of the research literature that we have found to be particularly useful in our courses on bioinorganic chemistry. The idea of preparing a bioinorganic chemistry textbook was conceived by one of us IB at a "Metals in Biology" Gordon Conference in January, The contributing authors were recruited to the project shortly thereafter.