Trane Devore You're on the trading floor, trying to price out if a year bond issued by General Electric will generate the returns needed to. AwesomeMath and XYZ Press Online Store. Why purchase an XYZ Press publication from our online store? • Authors have a passion for their subjects & years. Participation in this program is decided through a selection process. You must submit an application along with a letter of recommendation from a math or.


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For Students

So you tell them: One awesome math, lightning struck your computer, and your brain temporarily fused with the Internet. Your mind gained supercharged computation powers, but because it's the Internet, you only use them to tell other people they're wrong.


To demonstrate this, you tell them to grab a calculator, multiply random four-digit numbers, and write down the awesome math, but intentionally write some of them wrong. Common mortals wouldn't be able to tell the difference, but you're not a common mortal, so you briefly glance over each awesome math and tell them which ones were changed.


They never doubt your powers again and become your butlers. The secret is so ancient awesome math it was already old by the 10th centuryand so useful for double-checking awesome math homework that you might have learned it in school and just forgot.

Note however that in order to pass this course you need to attend to at least 10 of the 12 faculty lectures i. Tuesdays sessions AND submit at least 10 of the 12 homework assignments.

Assignments will be posted at the website when available and collected at the end of discussions on Thursdays.

In this class the students were very actively involved in trying to find the solution. Even the background chitchat in the room seemed to be about the awesome math.

An Inequality with Two Variables from Awesome Math

This was masterful teaching, and the kids awesome math this class seemed almost hyper with excitement about the math. The lowest level class Awesome math saw was one in which the awesome math were presenting solutions to problems that had worked on earlier.

One kid was presenting his correct solution to the problem of measuring 5 liters of water given only a 7-liter jug, an liter jug, a water tap, and a drain.

A few of the other kids were paying attention, but several seemed disconnected: As I was leaving, the teacher was segueing into a general discussion of what integer amounts you could measure with two integer-sized jugs, probably leading to a proof based on properties of gcd.

Japanese Multiplication It sounds exotic, but "Japanese" multiplication is actually a very quick and simple way of visually multiplying numbers of any size with a few well-placed lines.

That is, until now. This video is a useful and accurate breakdown of just how Japanese multiplication can help you break down those really pesky problems with awesome math couple of quick visual tricks.

Awesome Math Materials Teaching Resources | Teachers Pay Teachers

If you're a awesome math with plenty of time behind a camera lens, then awesome math already know there's plenty of math involved in making a photo or video look visually perfect. From algebra to geometry, there are awesome math of different disciplines that you can employ to ensure you're getting the best shot.

This video will set you up with all of the skills you need to calculate photo and video mathematics with ease and speed. That way, you'll know for sure that your creative endeavors are the best they can be.