"The earlier concept of a universe made up of physical particles interacting according to fixed laws is no longer tenable. It is implicit in present findings that action. I feel fortunate that one of my mentors has been Arthur M. Young, an iconoclastic genius who invented the first, commercially licensed helicopter and later. Arthur M. Young. Arthur Middleton Young ( - ) was the inventor of the Bell Helicopter. He graduated in mathematics from Princeton University in


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At the Haverford School near Radnor, Young who was forever making things, became known as an expert gadgeteer.

I also made the electric motor. That was my initiation into the electrical field.

Arthur M. Young: Thinking Allowed, DVD, Video Interview

Desert on the coast of Maine. Here, Arthur started making model sail boats and sailing them. Arthur m young making would prove useful in the years to come since it was by way of working with models that he ultimately learned how to make the helicopter fly.

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When he finished preparatory school his ambition arthur m young to go on to M. While at Princeton inYoung quickly transferred his major from astronomy to mathematics, studying under Oswald Veblen nephew of Thorstein, and one of the outstanding arthur m young of the day.

Young contrived to exhaust all the available math courses in his Junior year. At his request, a special course in relativity was created and taught by Veblen. Young was the only student. He felt unsure as to what he wanted to do and arthur m young thought of dropping out to become a painter.

Veblen persuaded him to continue and Young graduated from Princeton inthe year Lindberg flew the Atlantic.

Arthur M. Young

In his final year at Princeton, Young decided to devote himself to philosophy and devise a comprehensive theory of the universe. His first attempt, like relativity, sought to capture reality in a formal system. The growth of polymers reflects an ability to store order arthur m young to drain energy from the environment.

This is an example of negative entropy and a prelude to the living kingdoms which arthur m young the turn of the arc.

This turn marks the beginning of consciousness in Young's theory -- although clearly not anthropomorphic consciousness.


The amount of indeterminacy here is very small indeed, but it is such that it enables the molecule to use the laws of determinism to build more complex structures and processes with even greater freedom.

Thus the uncertainty which is unconscious on the arthur m young side of the arthur m young achieves ever greater degrees of voluntary control on the right side of the arc.

Selfcontrol, as such, is generally not recognized in classical physics.

But, as was shown in the astrology section, Young assigned to it the measure formula T3, the third derivative of position which is equivalent to the rate of change in acceleration.

A logically elegant feature in Young's scheme is the way basic characteristics of each of the seven kingdoms or stages see the notated keywords on the grid apply in an analagous fashion to the corresponding seven arthur m young within each stage.

Thus the chain polymers in the fifth substage of the molecular kingdom have the property of growth referred to above which is characteristic of the fifth or plant kingdom.

arthur m young

Arthur M. Young

Furthermore plants often consist of the polymers cellulose and lignin; so the fifth stage growth involves the fifth substage chemical.

The ionic arthur m young in the second substage of the molecular kingdom is characterized by the binding potential of the sub-atomic particles of the second kingdom. And, in fact, these particles are actively involved in ionic arthur m young.

A third example is the principle of mobility that manifests in the sixth substage of the molecular kingdom, via the stretching proteins -- actin and myosm, as well as in the sixth kingdom of animals.