Bartering problems in arithmetic books appear on the surface to be merely an exercise in the rule of three. However there is a type of problem. Actually, many arithmetic textbooks I had to deal with felt like this. . In my experience, the problem with CS text books is the rigorous detail. Hi, I am trying to learn maths at home and was wondering if anyone knew of any series(or group of books that you would recommend) of books.


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The problems are very simple, so that the arithmetic books can learn the concepts involved. Intellectual Arithmetic begins by reviewing the basic concepts covered in Ray's Primary Arithmetic, adding more problems and raising the difficulty by increasing the quantities involved.

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As these concepts are introduced, applications for the problems are given, showing the child how to solve increasingly complex problems. Ray's New Arithmetic books Arithmetic is designed to lead straight into Practical Arithmetic, arithmetic books providing an extensive amount of drill work for the arithmetic books, in order to allow the student ample time and problems to thoroughly master the fundamentals before moving forward.

Practical Arithmetic starts by quickly reviewing the basics of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division covered previously in Elementary Arithmetic, and then moves into a study of different types of measurement, followed by factoring, and a more involved study of fractions and percentages.


After these mathematical bases arithmetic books been studied and mastered, real world applications for these mathematics are introduced. Practical Arithmetic then concludes by introducing basic geometry.

Top 10 Best Arithmetic Books for Competitive ExamsPrecise Teaching

Modern math books have focused so much on the abstract that the student is left to wonder how he will ever be able to use it in his day to day life; a feeling that easily makes mathematics seem like a chore or useless exercise. A very complete study of Arithmetic books, this is the last book in the Ray's series before the introduction of Algebra.

All of the basic mathematical methods are reviewed thoroughly; and more arithmetic books applications and uses are explored. Finally the book begins the study of Geometry, and arithmetic books fundamentals of Trigonometry are introduced.

Popular Arithmetic Books

Ray's New Elementary Algebra. For this purpose, he is furnished, at almost every step, with the means of testing the accuracy arithmetic books the principles on which the rules are founded, and of the results which they produce.

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Arithmetic books personal experience while studying with Saxon Algebra I know just how frustrating it is to be arithmetic books what to do, while not given any reasons for why we are doing it or how it works. I didn't want to simply take their word for it but prove it for myself, a thought process most students share.

And while I did manage to work these things out arithmetic books, it was a slow and painful process. One of the things that make Ray's Arithmetic such an excellent series is the attention given to the student.


Instead arithmetic books neglecting the reasoning and deducing ability of the students themselves, they are instead encouraged to think on their own. This increases the students interest, his understanding of the material, as well as his recollection of studies later on.

Schaum's books are very popular, but they are more for people who are reviewing what they once learned, or who want more practice. IMO they don't explain things well enough for someone who is learning a arithmetic books for the first time, let alone someone like you, who has indicated that he wants to really understand where things come from.

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Geometry might be the hardest subject for you to learn by yourself, because it is more about proofs arithmetic books formulas, and if you get stuck, it's tough when there's nobody to ask.

I would download several old books from Google Books so you can see different approaches; check the reviews in Amazon for suggestions on the best books for self study; and be sure to use this forum to ask for help when arithmetic books get stuck.

There is also an excellent interactive site on Euclid's Elements the basic geometry textbook for years here: The only precalculus books that Arithmetic books have personal knowledge of are those by Stewart and Swokowski.

I think both are very good, but maybe Stewart's is a arithmetic books easier to read. You don't need a brand new one; look for a cheap used older edition on Amazon or Ebay.


You should be able to find them for no more than ten dollars or so.